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Being Safe & Going Advanced - Taking the next step
« on: September 15, 2016, 09:04:58 AM »
I'm noticing we have quite a few new members who have very recently passed their tests, or even have them pending and are already on our beautiful 1L bike. CONGRATS on having great taste! :047:

We've already had a thread about Advanced Qualifications and who's got what, but what about anyone who's lurking and simply considering  :027: :187:

Just thought I'd start a quick thread about what's available to anyone considering taking/making a positive step to safer and better road riding. I'm not expecting replies, just posting info that some might not be aware of...

We've ALL been in a position where post moment we've thought  :oh_no: that was lucky, or  :112: that was dumb  :006: so putting ego's aside, below are a few links to what's available to help make you a better, safer and in most cases more progressive (= faster) rider, helping you mentally and therefore physically avoid those moments out there on the roads we share with people who's baseline defense will be, "I simply didn't see them officer!"

There are others out there and ALL of them are worth consideration  :028:

Stay safe and enjoy your ride  :820:
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