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Author Topic: Octane Rating of the Fuel your using  (Read 5325 times)

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Octane Rating of the Fuel your using
on: 02 May 11, 11:40:25
After, I don't know how many consecutive wet weekends, finally a sunny Sunday yesterday & I finally got out for a ride. As usual, at a fuel stop some of the guys filled up with 95 octane fuel others 98 octane, the highest available to the general public Oz.

When I picked up my bike the dealer informed me that there were no benefits to be achieved by using 98 octane fuel so use 95. Some years earlier when collecting my Honda VFR 800 VTEC I had been told something similar by the dealer however, at a later service I was told by the workshop that using 95 octane was the cause of a premature need to change the spark plugs.

I always fill my tank in the Z1000SX with 98 Octane. Yesterday one guy told me that using 98 octane could damage the internals.

Did the dealer in the UK or elsewhere advise you of the fuel rating to be used?

Am I damaging engine parts?


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Re: Octane Rating of the Fuel your using
Reply #1 on: 02 May 11, 01:56:02
Hi Oz,

I am not in the UK, but still like share my experience u and others. I have been using 95 for all my cars (BMW E39 1997 and E28 1984) and bikes (Versys and Z100sx) all along. No negative effect felt in term of performance and maintenance..

We do not have 98 in Malaysia. Our choice is either 98 or 95. 98 is around 30% more expensive than 95., On top of no negative effect, it is also more economical to use 95 in my case..
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Re: Octane Rating of the Fuel your using
Reply #2 on: 02 May 11, 09:02:18
You'll be alright using 98 octane. The manual states 'use unleaded with an octane rating equal to or higher than shown in the table'  RON95
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Re: Octane Rating of the Fuel your using
Reply #3 on: 02 May 11, 09:52:09
Did this guy explain exactly how the higher octane was supposed to damage the engine?

The octane rating of a fuel is a measure of how well it resists self-ignition (pinking) during the compression stroke, prior to the spark firing. If the rating is high enough, it doesn't ignite until the spark occurs, and the engine runs properly. There's no significant benefit to be had with higher octane fuels beyond the minimum the engine requires (though some vehicles with knock sensors can adjust the ignition timing and get a little more power).

I use 95 in my bike and it seems fine. Most super unleaded in the UK is 97, and not really worth it in an engine that doesn't need it IMHO.